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Adventures with Excel

It has been a week since I landed in Chennai and four days since I started interning at Eureka Child. Going in I knew that I would be doing administrative work dealing with a lot of paperwork and inputting data. As you can infer from my title, I got very intimate with Microsoft Excel and after many CTRL+Z’s I finally got a hang of it. Somewhat.

Sitting at a desk for hours a day inputting data is not exactly what gets my blood running in passionate fervor, however; the seemingly boring and mundane tasks are incredibly important to the operation of a non-profit organization.  Having experience as a leader in various clubs at my school, the often tedious job of organization and fundraising fell to me. While I loved going to do the actual service, tutoring homeless children with an Indianapolis based organization School on Wheels, scheduling students, organizing the transportation, and obtaining facilitator approval was integral to running the club.

That was just on a small scale with a high school club, but with a large organization like Eureka Child it is even more important and larger. This week we were given the task of taking data collected from a Eureka Superkidz after school program in the district of Annaikattu, Tamil Nadu. Me and my other two colleagues  Devan and Marion*, each took data collected from the center  and inputted the amount of students who were able to acquire the skills required for their grade level. We then analysed the data points look at the percentage difference from last year and what skills needed improvement.

Such analysis is vital to the organization, this allows for Eureka to tailor their after school programs to better benefit the communities they serve. They can pinpoint which areas where they need improvement and which programs work. There is a lot of intensive research and data analysis that happens, and especially since money is tight at non-profit organizations there needs to be extensive planning or it can fall through.

My experience at Eureka thus far has been incredibly rewarding and eye-opening, I learned more about the administrative aspects of running a non-profit organization than I did before and I learned some pretty efficient shortcuts on Excel.

I should probably start looking back at my old statistics notes and reacquainting myself with my graphing calculator.

*Marion and Devan have a blog, check it out here!

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