Weekly Updates

Chennai Combined Workshops

Apologies for the brevity of this post, I was sick for a majority of the workshop and unable to attend it.

After coming back from Krishnagiri we started preparing the lesson plan for the Chennai trainings, it was originally planned for the 4th to 6th of June but due to a scheduling conflict it was changed to the 14th-16th. This training had the teachers from both Vembakkam and Koovathur. The entire training was focused on lesson planning, and my part was to help conduct two hour training sessions with the other interns for those three days.


We completely changed our approach to this training session with minimal focus on grammar and more on speaking practice. We also had a pre-evaluation and a post evaluation where the teachers were given a picture and five minutes to discuss what was happening in the picture in English. We all had the same pictures and a rubric to grade by. I contracted a virus that weekend was only available for a little bit of the 14th training and the 16th, and from my observations they seemed to have improved based on the evaluations. We played a sentence building game which served as a great exercise for English speaking and went well. We also played Taboo with cards we made to adjust to the teachers’ English levels. The game was played using only English to describe simple  vocabulary and forced the teachers to think creatively to describe objects and animals. Unfortunately, I cannot give a formal and whole evaluation of the workshops in Chennai due to my absence.  But from the improvements seen from the pre-evaluation to the post-evaluation it seems to be that the approach of speaking English versus focusing on grammar and rules was more effective. 

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